How to Use Corner Relief in Catia V5

Corner Relief in Catia V5

How to Use Corner Relief in Catia V5


In this article, we will explain how to use corner relief in Catia V5 with the help of user profile. This functionality serves to alter sharp corners or edges, especially in Mechanical or Industrial design, playing a pivotal role in transforming design ideas into practical, manufacturable, and visually appealing products.
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Please follow the below steps to use corner relief in Catia V5:

Step 1:

we will explain about Corner Relief with User Profile. This feature used to modify sharp corners or edges, particularly in Mechanical or Industrail design. It plays a crucial role in translating design concepts into functional, manufacturable and aesthetically pleasing products.
Open the part file corner-relief2.CATPart.
Open the part file named corner-relief2.CATPart to begin your work.

Step 2:

Corner relief definition
Corner Relief to display the Corner Relief Definition
Select ‘Insert’, then go to ‘Cutting’, and choose ‘CornerRelief’ to open the Corner Relief Definition dialog.

Step 3:

User Profile
Select User Profile from the type of list in the Corner Relief Definition dialog.




Navigate to the Corner Relief Definition dialog and elevate your selection by opting for “User Profile” from the type list.

Step 4:

Bends indicated in the figure as Support 1 and Support 2.
Bends indicated in the figure as Support 1 and Support 2.
Select the bends identified in the illustration, designating them as Support 1 and Support 2 for further processing.

Step 5:

Preview of the relief displays
Preview of the relief displays.
Choose the polygon in the Graphics window as the sketch for corner relief creation and observe a preview of the relief.

Step 6:

Corner relief definition
Create the local corner relief.
Generate a localized corner relief by initiating the necessary steps within the design environment to enhance the specific geometric features effectively.

Step 7:

Fold or Unfold on the view toolbar
Fold/Unfold on the Views toolbar.




Activate the Fold/Unfold command from the Views toolbar to seamlessly fold the sheet metal part in the design process.

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