Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode | SOLIDWORKS

How to Automatically Optimize the resolved mode

Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode | SOLIDWORKS


In this SOLIDWORKS 2023 tech tip, a new feature speeds up component loading by automatically optimizing the resolved mode, using lightweight technology. The options for lightweight and resolved modes are now integrated into the loading process for a more user-friendly experience. The Feature Manager design tree is less cluttered during loading, and users can manually decide when to resolve lightweight components. The “Automatically load components lightweight” option is now named “Load component lightweight” for simplicity.
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Please follow the below step and achieve the required result for Automatically optimized resolved mode.

Step 1:

Automatically Optimized resolved mode
In the software you need to change setting. First Go to Tools then Options and then System Options after you have to click on Performance, and in the Assembly loading section, choose “Automatically optimize resolved mode, hide lightweight mode.”

Step 2:

Automatically Optimized resolved mode
When active, options for lightweight and resolved modes are hidden. Light weight states also will not appear in the Feature Manager design tree.

Step 3:

Automatically Optimized resolved mode
We can always manually manage when to resolve lightweight components by selecting Manually manage resolved and lightweight modes instead. 

Step 4:

Automatically Optimized
Right click on any part in the design tree and select set to resolved mode.

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