How to Replace Components | NX Assemblies

How to Replace Components in NX Assemblies
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How to Replace Components | NX Assemblies


In this TechTip, we’ll explore the process of replacing a component in a 3D assembly with another existing part. This skill is vital for efficient design modifications. Follow these steps to seamlessly update assemblies open the assembly in your CAD software, locate the component to be replaced, right-click, and choose “Replace.” Browse and select the desired replacement part. Ensure proper alignment and confirm the substitution. This tutorial empowers CAD professionals, streamlining design workflows and fostering adaptability to changes in projects. Mastering this process enhances precision and agility, contributing to a more effective 3D modeling experience.

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Step 1:

Open replace_components\replace_components.prt

Step 2:

Select Assemblies tab > Component group > More > Component gallery > Replace Component to display the Replace Component dialog.

Step 3:

In the graphics window, one of the ten instances of the component named engine_piston as indicated. (All 10 could be selected but is slower.)

Step 4:

Select the Select Part selection step in the Replacement Part pane.

Step 5:

Expand the dialog and the Settings pane and verify both Maintain Relationships and Replace All Occurrences in Assembly are active.

Step 6:

Click Browse and select the part named piston2.prt.

(An alert appears indicating all 10 components will be replaced).

Step 7:

Click OK to replace the components.

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