How to Use Threaded Stud Wizard | SOLIDWORKS

Threaded Stud Wizard in SOLIDWORKS

How to Use Threaded Stud Wizard | SOLIDWORKS

You can use the Stud Wizard to create external threaded stud features. This tool works similar to the Hole Wizard, where you define the stud parameters then position them on the model.

Step 1

Activate the Stud Wizard and define its Position first so you can preview the stud as it’s defined.

Note – Only one stud can be positioned per feature.

Step 2

Define the stud’s Shaft Details, Standard and Thread condition.

You can even define a Thread Class if desired.

Step 3

Toggling Undercut automatically defines one based on the existing parameters. Though these can be changed manually as well.

Step 4

Click OK to complete the feature.

You can set the thread display for the stud within Document Properties, under Details, for Cosmetic or Shaded Cosmetic Threads.

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