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Learn the Language of Engineering Expression

What is GD&T and why it is important for Engineers before learning any other design software

What is GD&T

Design Intent

GD&T enables engineers to accurately convey design specifications. It outlines the functionality and assembly requirements of parts. In contrast to CAD software, which emphasizes modeling, GD&T guarantees that the design intent is effectively communicated to all involved parties.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances certification course

Optimal Tolerance Control

GD&T offers engineers a methodical means of defining tolerances, enabling them to harmonize functionality with manufacturability. While most CAD software focuses on visual model creation, it often lacks the detailed treatment of tolerances provided by GD&T.

GD&T Certification Programs

Foundation for CAD Software

GD&T course serve as a foundation for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software skills. Before using CAD software effectively, engineers must understand geometric tolerancing concepts to accurately model parts and assemblies.

Gd&t course


GD&T acts as a universal language for engineers and manufacturers, standardizing the measurement of variations to guarantee consistent communication throughout the production process.

Enhance Your Profile by Becoming a Certified GD&T Professional


Explore the power of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) in this comprehensive online course. Starting with its historical context, we'll delve into the cost implications of part design and manufacturing, comparing traditional methods to the Y14.5M standard. Discover GD&T's role as a design, manufacturing, and procurement aid, and enhance your skills through practical exercises. Gain confidence in applying GD&T principles to improve design integrity, streamline manufacturing, and facilitate effective communication.

Self-Paced Training created by Working Professionals

Industry Certified Instructors

Instructor-based Video Lessons & Downloadable Practice Files

Professional Certificate Assessments

Y14.5M 1994 and 2009 Versions

Technical Webinars

1 +

Hours of Learning

1 +

Fundamental & Advanced course modules

What will you learn

Learn Fundamental Principles

You can learn the fundamental principles and concepts of the GD&T courses in i GET IT and be able to interpret and understand GD&T symbols and feature control frames

Identify & Interpret Geometric Tolerances

You can identify and interpret different types of geometric tolerances and apply form and profile tolerances to control the shape, size, and surface characteristics of features from the i Get It GD&T courses

Define & Communicate Geometric Requirements

You can apply GD&T to define and communicate geometric requirements on engineering drawings from the GD&T courses in i GET IT

Interpret & Analyze GD&T

You can interpret and analyze GD&T requirements in relation to manufacturing processes and inspection methods learned from the i Get It GD&T courses

Resolve GD&T-Related Issues

You can collaborate with design and manufacturing teams to resolve GD&T-related issues and optimize designs for manufacturing and assembly

GDT certification courses and Modules.

GD&T Module

i GET IT is here to help

Know why you need to prioritize GD&T before diving into design software? Because it's the language of Engineering Designs. Just like knowing grammar before tackling complex writing, mastering GD&T equips you with a fundamental understanding of how to communicate design intent accurately and efficiently.

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Prioritize GD&T before diving into any design software

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Become a GD&T Expert

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