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Model Based Definition in PTC Creo 6.0

The Model Based Definition or MBD in Creo 6.0 uses the 3D model as a master instead of a 2D drawing. All the necessary detailing information which otherwise would be described in 2D drawing can be described in 3D master model using the MBD techniques. Thus we can virtually eliminate the need of 2D drawing because of MBD. Due to MBD, there is a reduced time for a product to launch in market as well as there is effective and easy reuse of model information within the organization. Following are our key learning topics in the MBD course using Creo 6.0 - 1. Understanding of 3D annotations and their comparison with 2D drawings. 2. The understanding of Annotation Interface in Creo 6.0, The understanding of Combined States, The MBD Start Part, Site Maps and Annotation Orientations 3. Creation of following dimension annotation elements with semantic references - Driving Dimensions, Driven Dimensions, Ordinate Driven Dimensions 4. Creation of following datum annotations - Datum Feature Symbol, Geometric Tolerance, Datum Target Annotations 5. Creation of Surface Finish, Symbol and note Note annotations 6. Modification of all types of annotation elements 7. Completion of Combined States with Annotations Features, Semantic References, Appearance States and Site Maps 8. Assembly level MBD

Following are the prerequisite courses in iGETIT to learn before starting the MBD course - 1. Creo 4.0 Fundamentals 2. Advanced Modeling using Creo Parametric 4.0

Intended Audience:
Users proficient in Creo 4.0, Creo 5.0 or Creo 6.0

Course Duration:
12 hrs 15 min.

Skill Level:
Model Based Definition in Creo 6.0 Assessment
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Table of Contents