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Course Overview

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SOLIDWORKS 2016 Drawings

This course is intended to teach SOLIDWORKS users how to create engineering drawings for parts and assemblies using SOLIDWORKS 2016. Key topics include: part drawings, assembly drawings, orthographic views, dimensions and annotations, layers, notes, blocks, perspective views, hide/show components, drawing sheets, flat pattern views, section views, cutaway section views, broken views, drawing templates, ballooning, tables, detached drawings, edge display, importing DXF/DWG data, and drawing references. Upon completion of this course, you should have the knowledge required to successfully create and manage SOLIDWORKS drawing documents. Users will review video lessons detailing the various processes and procedures used to create drawings, while intermittent project lessons let you practice and reaffirm what you learn. Users are encouraged to follow along with each video lesson as well.

Designers and engineers looking to gain a detailed understanding of drawings in SOLIDWORKS 2016 in order to convey their model designs.

Intended Audience:
An essentials-level understanding of part or assembly modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2016.

Course Duration:
4 hrs.

Skill Level:
SOLIDWORKS 2016 Drawings Assessment
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Table of Contents