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Best Practices for 3D Printing: Tips & Design Solutions for FDM Prints
You’ll begin this course by learning what 3D Printing, aka Additive Manufacturing, is, the different printing technologies av more...ailable today, as well as several printer types and applications. The course continues with a focus on FDM printing, detailing design considerations, techniques for print optimization, and how to translate your designs to 3D printable formats. You'll finish by completing a Workshop simulating a typical workflow for a typical 3D printed design.

 2 hrs.    

Basic competency in the Computer Aided Design software of your choice.

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as rapid prototyping, is a fast-growing manufacturing process that enables quick manuf more...acturing of complex parts at a minimal cost. However, there can also be a great deal of confusion regarding the process's capabilities and uses. This course is designed to help you to better understand Additive Manufacturing and it's processes. You will learn about current 3D printing techniques, the capabilities and limitations of the technology, and a brief history of rapid prototyping.

 1 hrs.