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Training courses for multiple CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What training courses do I receive?

Both the i GET IT Basic and Professional subscription plans provide access to our complete library of over 1,000 training courses and assessmentsfor todays leading CAD and PLM applications. In addition, Professional subscribers will receive our industry skills training courses, such as GD&T, FEA, Automotive Design, Injection Mold and Machining, 3D Printing and more.


Can I upgrade or cancel at any time?

Yes, you can change your plan or cancel your subscription at any time within your subscription settings. Any changes to your subscription will take effect on the next billing period.

Are the design (CAD/PLM) software applications included?

No, you will need to have the design applications loaded on your computer to complete the projects within courses that have projects.


Do you offer education discounts for students?

Education institutions can receive education discounts by completing the form on the Education solutions page.

Can I download the training courses or receive DVDs?

An internet connection is required to access the online courses and we do not offer an offline or DVD version of the courses today.


Will I receive new courses during my subscription period?

Yes, we release new courses almost weekly and you will receive access to new courses throughout your subscription.