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Overview: The Solid Edge v19 FEMAP course is designed to introduce you to part analysis. When a part is being analyzed, the actual soli more...d body is used. When a sheet metal part is analyzed, a mid surface is used to analyze the part. The interface is driven by a ribbon bar that guides you through the necessary steps to complete an analysis. Material properties are used as a portion of the criteria for stress and modal analysis. This material information is applied to a model by using the material table, use the table to define new materials and obtain information about their properties. When analyzing for stress, loads (pressure, force) need to be applied to the model, then constraints need to be applied to the model. Once the part is analyzed, the results display and several pieces of information are displayed such as analysis types (stress, displacement, factor of safety), display contours/display deformation (activate/deactivate display of contours), worst-case results and results. Once you've completed this course, you'll be ready to start running analyses on your parts.
Duration: Not Available Skill level: Intermediate