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CATIA V5 R19 110 - V4 to V5 Transition
This course teaches CATIA V5 to users who already know CATIA V4. This course uses the students’ existing knowledge of V4 to e more...xplain exactly how V5 works. Key topic areas include: user interface, sketcher, part design, assembly design, drafting, and V4 compatibility.

 8 hrs.    

Prior experience with CATIA V4 Solid Modeling and Drafting.

CATIA R18 V4-V5 Transition Quick Start
This quick start video course will help with the transition from CATIA V4 to V5 R18. Some of the topics covered are: managi geometry, reference elements, basic and advanced sketch operations, basic solid geometry, boolean operations, dress up features, advance solid geometry, transformation and managing features, basic assemblies, assembly constraints, drawing creation, dimensioning and tolerancing, and dress-up and annotations. You can reinforce your learning by completing several mini-projects along the way.

 1 hrs.    

CATIA R17 V4-V5 Transition Quick Start
Making the jump from CATIA V4 to V5? Don’t make it alone. This course is specifically tailored to your unique situation. As s more...omeone who is proficient in CATIA V4, you already understand the fundamentals of creating solid models, using CAD systems, and creating drawings. You understand the basic terminology and techniques that form the foundation of V5. Instead of wasting your time by explaining things you already know, this course uses your existing knowledge of V4 to help you understand exactly how V5 works: where it’s different, and where it’s the same. Just as important, there are many circumstances where methods you used in V4 simply do not make much sense when applied to V5. This course helps you avoid these potential pitfalls as well. This course uses the Quick Start format; a series of short videos with audio that highlight the key points of a product’s capabilities.

 Not Available    

Prior experience with CATIA V4 Solid Modeling and Drafting

CATIA V5 R17 V4 to V5 Transition
This course is intended to help CATIA users transition from v4 to v5. This course uses existing knowledge of v4 to help stude more...nts understand exactly how v5 works. Key topics include: user interface, menus, toolbars, compass, basic commands, part design, drafting, workbenches, commands, views, specification tree, objects, layers, v4 models, parameters, formulas, reference features, sketcher, profiles, lines, circles, points, axes, constraints, dimensions, sketch operations, corner, chamfer, relimitations, 3D geometry, sketch analysis, sketch-based features, Boolean operations, transformations, patterns, assembly concepts, components, drawings, views, dress-ups, dimensions, and annotations.

 Not Available    

Prior experience with CATIA V4 Solid Modeling and Drafting