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Electric Powertrain ECUs
In this course you will be introduced to the critical components used in the Automotive Electric Powertrain domain, including more... working principles, basic functions, HW & SW details. Upon successful completion of the course, you should understand: 1. Basics of Electric Vehicle Components 2. Critical components used in an electric powertrain 3. Battery Management System ECU details 4. Electric Motor ECU details 5. DC-AC Inverter ( Traction Inverter ) ECU details 6. DC-DC Converter ECU details 7. On Board Charger ECU details

 8 hrs.    


Introduction to Types of Gears
This course will guide the user about 1. Basic introduction to gears. 2. Construction, Working and Principles of gear pairs more.... 3. Types of Gears used in automobile. 4. Introduction to classification and specification of gears. 5. Variety of 3D gears used in different industrial applications. 6. Advantages & Disadvantages one over another. 7. Understand parametric modeling method in Creo. 8. At the end of this course user will be able to create 3D Gears in Creo.

 24 hrs 30 min.    

Any Diploma or Graduation in Engineering with good knowledge of basic skills of part modeling using Creo Parametric 4.0

Types of Gear Selector & Shifter Mechanisms in Automobiles
This course will guide the user about 1. Basic introduction to gear selector & shifter mechanisms in automobiles. 2. Types more...of gear selector & shifter mechanisms used in automobile. 3. Details about parts used in gear selector & shifter mechanisms. 4. Detail about Construction & Working of gear selector & shifter mechanisms. 5. Details about different mounting based shift mechanisms. 6. Details about Type of arrangement based shift mechanisms.

 8 hrs.    

Any Diploma or Graduation in Engineering with good knowledge of basic skills of part modeling.

NX 2 Automotive Powertrain Training
This course allows you to explore engine design fundamentals and learn what you can do to help during the machining process a the main topics. You also learn more about transmision, HVAC, and engine operations. Using real-world design problems presented by automotive manufacturers for case workers, you put into practice your newfound knowledge.

 43 hrs.    

Candidates should be design engineers with an engineering degree or equivalent experience.

NX Automotive for PowerTrain (Spanish)
Este curso le permite explorar los fundamentos de diseño del motor y aprender lo qué puede hacer para ayudar durante el proce de manufactura, estos son los temas principales. También aprende más acerca de transmisiones, climatización, y operaciones del motor. Utilizando problemas diseño reales presentados por fabricantes automotrices para trabajadores sociales, usted pone en practica su conocimiento recién descubierto.

 40 hrs.    

Los candidatos deberán ser ingenieros de diseño con un grado de ingeniería o experiencia equivalente.