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CATIA V5 Automotive Interior Trim Training
The interior trim of an automobile consists of many different types of parts ranging from seating to plastic parts. This cour begins with an overview of the entire interior and then moves into focusing on the injected molded parts within the automobile. Candidates not only create features needed for plastic part design but they learn the process behind the design.

 26 hrs.    

CATIA V5 Automotive Structures Training
The course explains how to create automotive structural parts within the body panels and assembly environment. We emphasize m more...odeling parts to fit within a limited space using existing geometry as the boundaries, and to design the parts to accommodate subsystems.

 16 hrs.    

CATIA V5 R21 Automotive Essentials (Spanish)
El curso de Conceptos Básicos Automotrices abarca múltiples áreas de diseño automotriz en un nivel de descripción general. Lo more...s usuarios son introducidos a conceptos de diseño computarizado avanzado crítico. El plan de estudios también introduce subsistemas y después explica cómo acomodarlos en el diseño de ensamble.

 30 hrs.    

Los candidatos deberán ser ingenieros de diseño con un grado de ingeniería o experiencia equivalente.