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Electric Powertrain ECUs
In this course you will be introduced to the critical components used in the Automotive Electric Powertrain domain, including more... working principles, basic functions, HW & SW details. Upon successful completion of the course, you should understand: 1. Basics of Electric Vehicle Components 2. Critical components used in an electric powertrain 3. Battery Management System ECU details 4. Electric Motor ECU details 5. DC-AC Inverter ( Traction Inverter ) ECU details 6. DC-DC Converter ECU details 7. On Board Charger ECU details

 8 hrs.    


Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging
The Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging course is intended to be a guide for individuals through the advanced concep more...t package development process. The main objective of the advanced concept is to develop form, proportion, and architecture that pushes beyond current boundaries. This course will cover functions and segments of automotive design, package ideation, size & proportion, occupant packaging, interiors & cargo, powertrains, wheels & tires, suspension & chassis, and bodies.

 2 hrs.    


NX 8 Automotive Chassis Training
This course is intended to allow you the opportunity to explore chassis design fundamentals and learn what you can do to help more... during the manufacturing process. You will also learn more about exhaust, suspension, steering, and frame systems. Using real-world design problems presented by automotive manufacturers for case workers, you put into practice your newfound knowledge.

 45 hrs.    

Candidates should be design engineers with an engineering degree or equivalent experience.

NX 8 Automotive Structures
The course explains how to create automotive structural parts within the body panels and assembly environment. We emphasize m more...odeling parts to fit within a limited space using existing geometry as the boundaries, and to design the parts to accommodate subsystems.

 16 hrs.    

Candidates should be design engineers with an engineering degree or equivalent experience.

NX 8.5 Automotive Essentials
The Automotive Essesntials course covers multiple areas of automotive design at an overview level. Users are introduced to cr more...itical advanced computer design concepts. The curriculum also introduces subsystems and then explains how to accommodate them in assembly design.

 30 hrs.    

Candidates should be design engineers with an engineering degree or equivalent experience. Candidates should have a working CAD knowledge with a 75% or above CAD proficiency in Modeling, Free Form, Drafting and Assemblies. This proficiency is normally achieved in 80 hours of core CAD skill training or through direct work experience. Candidates must be able to create parametric models from drawings or written instructions