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GD&T Training Bundle

Learn GD&T Training Bundle from industry experts at Tata Technologies.

About this Training

The program begins with a bit of the history of GD&T, then we look at the cost of designing and manufacturing a part. We will compare the “old” methods of dimensioning and Tolerancing to the Y14.5M approach. In this analysis, we will demonstrate the strengths and advantages of GD&T as a design tool, as a manufacturing aid, as a purchasing (estimator) aid, and as an overall communications facilitating tool. We incorporate many practical exercises to enhance learning, and to increase confidence.

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Learning Experience

  •   Self-Paced Learning
  •   Instructor-based Video Lessons
  •   Certificate Assessment
  •   Y14.5M 1994 and 2009 Versions
  •   Technical Screencasts
  •   Industry Respected Instructor

Course Topics

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Fundamentals of GD&T ASME Y14.5M 1994 or 2009 14 Hours This program is designed for anyone who designs, drafts, engineers, purchases, manufactures, estimates, or inspects parts and assemblies. Particular emphasis is placed on those who design and manufacture, and those responsible for quality.