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Course Overview

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SolidWorks 2012 Mold Design Essentials

This course topic is intended to teach users how to create molds for parts using the various mold automation tools available in SolidWorks. The course initially walks users through industry standards and mold design basics, providing a better foundation for your mold designs. The second half of the course shows SolidWorks mold designers how to insert Parting Lines, apply Tooling Splits, generate Parting Surfaces, and apply Shut-off Surfaces. Users will also learn how to analyze parts for mold design using Draft Analysis and Undercut Detection. Key topics include: scale for shrinkage, core feature, body feature history, mold assembly, and resolving draft problems.

A basic understanding of SolidWorks functionality and plastic part design.

Intended Audience:
SolidWorks users who need to create and analyze molds and injection molded parts.

Course Duration:
3 hrs.

Skill Level:
SolidWorks 2012 Mold Design Assessment

Table of Contents