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Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology Assemblies and Weldments

This course explores the world of assemblies and weldments in Solid Edge. The wide range of topics includes bottom-up and top-down assembly concepts, sketch layouts, linked components, editing components, positioning components and collision detection. To better illustrate your assembly, you'll learn to implement section views, cutaway views, revolved cutouts, repositioned components, assembly cutouts and exploded views with flow lines. You'll improve design time by mastering the use of the Assembly PathFinder, Parts Library, Activate/Inactive commands, feature and analysis options. You'll also be introduced to weldments and understand how to create weld beads, prepare surfaces, design the different types of weld features, and post weld features. Most topics include tips and techniques proven to improve productivity and enhance your comprehension of the software. Upon completion of this course, you'll have studied the concepts and acquired the skills needed to start working with assemblies.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology User Interface and part modeling experience.

Intended Audience:
Designers and engineers interested in learning about the assembly capabilities of Solid Edge.

Course Duration:
4 hrs.

Skill Level:

Table of Contents