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NX 5 Advanced Assemblies

The NX 5 Advanced Assemblies course is designed to help you build and maintain large assemblies. As your assembly component count grows, computer performance can cripple your productivity. This course will help make your life easier by teaching you how to manage your assemblies. Key topics include: file management, Open by Proximity, True Shape filtering, component groups, zones, load options, scripts, assembly navigator, bookmarks, representations, product outline, part families, clearance, weight management, drawings, render sets, visualization performance preferences, and display performance.

The NX 5 New User Express course or NX 5 Assemblies course.

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers, or Manufacturing Engineers who need to understand how to implement, build, manage, and utilize large assemblies.

Course Duration:
5 hours

Skill Level:

Table of Contents