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NX 5 Advanced Essentials for Users

The NX 5 Advanced Essentials for Users course is designed to enable you to incorporate parametric design and advanced modeling techniques into your projects. The two Sketcher units in this course cover such topics as: positioning, importing sketches, exporting sketches, projected sketch curves, using splines in Sketcher, associative sketches, and Sketcher quirks. Several free form modeling units cover spline creation and spline editing; face analysis and body analysis; face blends and soft blends; feature operations for sheets (simplify, sew, patch, and wrap geometry); advanced curves (join, offset curves, project, intersect, law curves, and section curves); surface creation using strings (section strings, bounded planes, ruled bodies, alignment methods, through curve bodies, through curve mesh, and swept bodies); and free form best practices. This course includes a direct modeling unit which explores offsetting regions, moving regions, constraining faces, resizing faces, replacing faces, patterning faces, reblending faces, and editing unparameterized models. The final four units explore spreadsheets, which will enable you to document your data. You’ll learn how to create analysis spreadsheets, gateway spreadsheets, modeling spreadsheets, and part family spreadsheets. This course gives you the tools you need to strengthen your design capabilities.

NX 4 Essentials for New Users (or equivalent experience).

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers, or Manufacturing Engineers that want to understand and practice advanced modeling techniques.

Course Duration:
29 hours

Skill Level:
NX 5 Advanced User Express Course Assessment

Table of Contents