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NX 5 Advanced Manufacturing

The NX 5 Advanced Manufacturing course focuses on practical, advanced manufacturing topics. The Manufacturing Assemblies unit examines the CAM assembly and shows you how to use an assembly in manufacturing. The Z-Level unit shows you how to prepare geometry and examines Z-level operation creation; Z-level cut parameters; 5-axis Z-level; and Z-level operations using the Reference Tool. Several surface contouring units explore drive methods, non-cutting moves, cut patterns, area milling, fixed contour, flow cuts, in-process cleanup, radial cuts, and tool axis. An entire unit dedicated to zig-zag surface covers zig-zag surface machining concepts, zig-zag options, and zig-zag tool path creation. Templates, template file creation, template application, and custom dialog creation are covered in the Template unit. Finally, the Sequential Milling unit will teach you about sequential mill concepts, options, engage motion, engage tool axis, engage display tool, point-to-point motion, retract, and continuous path. Completion of this course will help you add depth and versatility to your CAM process.

At least 40 hours of NX 5 CAM experience.

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers who are proficient in NX 5, know the basics of manufacturing, and who need to use NX 5 for programming 3, 4, and 5-axis machine tools.

Course Duration:
12 hours

Skill Level:
NX 5 Advanced Manufacturing Course Assessment

Table of Contents