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NX 5 Basic Manufacturing

The NX 5 Basic Manufacturing course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). You will be introduced to the manufacturing interface, the CAD/CAM process, CAM terminology, tool paths, mill operations, the machining environment, and machine operations. The Manufacturing Operation Navigator unit examines the Operation Navigator, operation status symbols, and Operation Navigator properties. This unit will also teach you how to generate an update list; copy, paste, and drag objects; manipulate the navigator; and transform operations. The Visualize and Analyze unit will help you learn to visualize collisions, perform dynamic tool path visualization, generate an IPW, and check the tool path for gouges against the work piece. Three separate units take an in depth look at groups: Geometry Groups, Tool Groups, and Program and Method Groups. The General Milling unit explores non-cutting moves, engage and retract, cutting parameters, and feeds and speeds. The Planar Milling unit covers face milling, cut patterns, blank overhang, geometry types, planar mill cut levels, boundaries, and region sequencing. There are also Point-to Point and Cavity Milling units. Finally, you’ll learn about manufacturing templates, the CLSF Manager, and basic post processor commands. Completing this course will make you an effective, efficient CAM user.

At least 40 hours of NX 5 experience.

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers who need to use NX for the generation of 2-axis and 2 1/2 axis drilling and milling programs.

Course Duration:
12 hours

Skill Level:
NX 5 Basic Manufacturing Course Assessment

Table of Contents