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NX 5 Assemblies

The NX 5 Assemblies course is intended to teach you how to build and maintain assemblies. The course starts off with assembly terminology, assembly structure, assembly preferences, the Assemblies application and toolbar, the Assembly Navigator, and reference sets. You’ll learn when to use the bottom-up assembly method, and when to use the top-down method. The Mating Conditions unit will help you understand how to create, display, and edit various mating conditions. You’ll also learn how to apply the eight types of mating constraints, and how to recognize and solve mating violations. The Assembly Information unit will help you document your assemblies by teaching you how to generate component update reports, assembly diagrams, and reference set information. Component Operations examines component suppression and unsuppression, component properties, assembly structure editing, component repositioning, and part export. You’ll learn about part history, part name versioning, version history, and part modifications in the Part Versioning unit. The Assembly Modeling Techniques unit covers master model concepts, deform, promote, extracted features, panel mold, and mold cavity. Units about interpart expressions and exploded assemblies are also included. Finally, you’ll bring it all together by completing two assembly projects (Phone and Ratchet Assembly). Let our course show you how to implement, build, manage, and utilize assemblies.

40 hours of NX modeling experience is suggested for students without any assembly experience.

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers, Designers, and Design Engineers.

Course Duration:
12 hours

Skill Level:
NX 5 Assemblies Course Assessment

Table of Contents