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Solid Edge v19 Sheet Metal

The Solid Edge v19 Sheet Metal course is designed to introduce you to sheet metal part modeling in Solid Edge. When creating sheet metal parts the Solid Edge Material Table dialog is valuable with several vital options (Material, Material Density, Material Thickness, Bend Radius, Relief Depth, Relief Width, Bend Equation). Understand the various base features that can be created (tab, contour flange, lofted). Explore the versatility of flanges (Material Inside, Material Outside, Offset Step, Lofted) and learn to control the flange with profiles (Profile Step, Open Profile, Connections to the Bend Line). Finish the sheet metal part with a safety edge or hem by selecting from the options (Hem Direction, Closed Hem profile, S-Flange hem, Curl hem). Move on to treatment features (Jog Features, Close Corners, Break Corners) and then become familiar with cutting and forming (Normal Cutout, Swept, Lofted Cutout, Drawn Cutout, Hole, Louvers, Beads, Gussets). Manipulate the sheet metal parts by unbending, bending, and rebending. Discover the details of formed and flat patterns in the same file. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be ready to start creating your own sheet metal parts.

Basic Solid Edge modeling experience required. Sheet metal design experience is helpful, but not required.

Intended Audience:
All levels of Sheet Metal Designers and Manufacturing Engineers with Solid Edge experience.

Course Duration:
Not Available

Skill Level:

Table of Contents