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SolidWorks 2007 Sheet Metal Design

This course is designed to teach you how to apply all of the tools provided in SolidWorks for sheet metal part design. You will also learn how to create drawings of sheet metal parts and create sheet metal parts using top down design techniques. Additionally, a number of specialized and unique applications of sheet metal parts are covered. Key topics include: K-factor, bend allowance, bend deduction, bend tables, basic flange, edge flange, multiple edge flange, curved edge flange, miter flange, flat pattern, break corner, corner trim, fold/unfold, hem, tab, jog, punch, design library, annotation, view, show/hide, sheet metal drawing, process drawing, flat state, lofted bend, vent, and fill pattern.

A basic understanding of SolidWorks and Sheet Metal fabrication.

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers who need to understand how to create sheet metal parts and drawings.

Course Duration:
Not Available

Skill Level:

Table of Contents