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Solid Edge v19 Drafting

The Solid Edge v19 Drafting course is designed to introduce you to drafting in Solid Edge. You'll learn the basics of drawing sheets and drawing views. Then create the perfect drawing the first try by utilizing sheet setup, Drawing View Wizard, Parts Library, defining views, creating dimensions, inserting callouts / symbols, implementing feature control and datums. Fine tune your drawing by adjusting the views (principal view, auxiliary view, detail view or section view) or editing the views by managing line styles, view properties, break lines, cropping views and show / hide edges. Effectively communicate size requirements of your model with Smart Dimensions, Distance Between, Chamfer, Angle Between and Symmetrical Diameter dimension options. Save time by creating associative property text on the drawing sheet, place text boxes showing information that will not change (like title block labels), or insert OLE compatible documents. Explore assembly drawings with sections views, exploded views, create a parts list with balloons and learn how to edit the list. Upon completion of the course, you'll have all the tools you need to start creating your own drawings in Solid Edge v19.

Solid Edge v19 User Interface or equivalent v19 experience.

Intended Audience:
Engineers and designers who need to learn about the drafting tools available in Solid Edge v19.

Course Duration:
Not Available

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Table of Contents