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NX 4 Advanced Simulation

Not everyone can have easy access to a full time stress analyst or wait weeks for stress results. Take matters into your own hands with our Structures class. We show you all the turns and pitfalls, so you don't make any rookie mistakes. Inaccurate stress analysis is often worse than no results at all. The process begins by using the Master Model concept to set up the model within the Structures application. You then create various scenarios with different loads and boundary conditions. We discuss different types of meshes, selection of the meshes (depending upon the type of model), and then how to apply the meshes to the model(s). So, take matters in your own hands, give us a call!

Must have a familiarity with basic FEA principles/assumptions and proficiency in Unigraphics solid modeling

Intended Audience:
Designers and engineers who use Unigraphics to design solid models and need to perform structural and thermal analysis on models.

Course Duration:
19 hours

Skill Level:
NX 4 Simulation / Advanced

Table of Contents