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NX 4 Basic Manufacturing

Dive into the world of CAM! If you want to become an effective CAM user in a cost-effective manner, our Basic CAM class is for you! Make the most of your investment. Get directly to the heart of this dynamic application and make the most of it! Really understand Point to Point Machining, Planar Milling, Cavity Milling, and basic postprocessor commands. Avoid costly mistakes by tapping into our pool of CAM expertise. Reinforce what you learn by completing projects that allow you to make decisions just as you would on the job. Don't just learn about CAM, really make this tool your own!

At least 40 hours of NX 4 experience.

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers who need to use NX for the generation of 2-axis and 2 1/2 axis drilling and milling programs.

Course Duration:
12 hours

Skill Level:
NX 4 Basic Manufacturing

Table of Contents