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NX 4 Advanced Essentials for Users

The NX Advanced Essentials for Users course strengthens your design capabilities like nobody's business. Learn to incorporate NX parametric design and advanced modeling techniques into your projects. Gain insight into the rationale behind parametric design, its advantages, limitations, and effective practice. Master advanced curve creation techniques, as well as some free form feature creation techniques and user-defined features. Expand your understanding and use of expressions, reference features, and sketching while incorporating the use of spreadsheet functions into your practice. Take it to the next level! Let Advanced Essentials for Users course break it down for you.

NX 4 New Essentials for Users (or equivalent experience)

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers, or Manufacturing Engineers that want to understand and practice advanced modeling techniques.

Course Duration:
29 hours

Skill Level:
NX 4 Advanced User Express

Table of Contents