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Introduction to Types of Gears

This course will guide the user about 1. Basic introduction to gears. 2. Construction, Working and Principles of gear pairs. 3. Types of Gears used in automobile. 4. Introduction to classification and specification of gears. 5. Variety of 3D gears used in different industrial applications. 6. Advantages & Disadvantages one over another. 7. Understand parametric modeling method in Creo. 8. At the end of this course user will be able to create 3D Gears in Creo.

Any Diploma or Graduation in Engineering with good knowledge of basic skills of part modeling using Creo Parametric 4.0

Intended Audience:
Any person with basic technical knowledge & proficient in basic skills of part modeling using Creo Parametric 4.0

Course Duration:
24 hrs 30 min.

Skill Level:
Assessment of Introduction to Types of Gears
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Table of Contents