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CATIA V5 - 208 Advanced Manufacturing

This course is designed to introduce users to the advanced manufacturing in CATIA V5. Key topics include: Trochoid  milling operation, 4-axis pocketing, Plunge Milling, 4-axis Curve Sweeping, Pencil, Advanced Finishing, Stiffener, Contour driven and Multi-Axis machining strategies like, Multi-Axis Drilling, Multi-Axis Sweeping. Multi-Axis Contour driven. Multi-Axis Tube Machining, Multi-Axis Spiral Milling, Multi-Axis Curve Machining, Multi-Axis Flank Contouring, Multi-Axis Helix Machining and Probing strategies like, Holes or Pins Probing, Slots or Ribs Probing, Corner Probing, Multi-Points Probing.

CATIA V5- 207 - Basic Manufacturing and at least 40 hours of CATIA V5 experience.

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers who need to use CATIA for the generation of 4-5 Axis, Multi-Axis drilling and milling programs.

Course Duration:
10 hours

Skill Level:

Table of Contents