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Course Overview

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SOLIDWORKS Vice Assembly QuickStart

Follow along and watch as a Woodworker's Vise is built from scratch using SOLIDWORKS. Using this single example, you'll see how to create part models using sketch and feature geometry, how to combine those parts to create assemblies, how to detail those models using drawings and more. Note that this course DOES NOT cover "every pick and click" in SOLIDWORKS. It's designed to quickly cover the fundamentals of the program, requiring you to fill in some knowledge gaps yourself. It's suggested that you learn the Essentials of SOLIDWORKS (Sketching, Parts & Features, Assemblies and Drawings) before taking this course. To do so, refer to the SOLIDWORKS Essentials courses within i GET IT.


Intended Audience:
Basic to Intermediate level users, who want to practice what they've learned in a project-based course.

Course Duration:
3 hrs.

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Table of Contents