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NX 11 - 106 Drafting

The Basic Drafting course is designed to help you effectively communicate your design intent. This course begins by focusing on the drafting essentials: drawing creation, editing drawings, borders, drawing views, section views, section lines, and image insertion. Separate units will also focus on dimensions (dimension types, dimension creation, dimension associativity); ordinates (terminology, ordinate creation, ordinate editing); and annotations (annotation editor, annotation creation, appended text). After your training, you’ll be able to put your new drafting knowledge to the test by completing our Drafting Workshop projects.

At least 20 hours of NX experience or completion of our NX Basic Modeling course.

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers who need to understand how to create drawings using the NX Drafting application.

Course Duration:
17 hrs.

Skill Level:
NX 11 Drafting Assessment
Average Rating:
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Table of Contents