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Certifying Engineers for the new age.

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Programme to engage choicest engineering institutes of India to certify & produce “Industry Ready” students, through a blended mode of learning, covering domain skills to reduce the skill gap, promote upskilling, & enhance overall employability of students.


Job readiness & lack of current skills needed by the industry remains a major concern for engineering graduates and organizations. A rapid change in technology and trends increase this gap further.

India on a surplus size with huge talent base

This is the gap between the ‘growth in demand’ and the ‘growth in supply’ of talent. Red indicates the trend deficit, green a trend surplus, yellow a broad balance. India has a capacity to meet the global deficit of talent, provided we prepare our gradutes for this challenge.To address this gap a strong collaboration between academia and industry is needed to ensure there is constant exchange of ideas & students are trained in skills required by the industry.

Global Heat Map 2021: Talent



EngAge with Tata Technologies

EngAge is Tata Technologies program to train & certify students and make them Fit4Industry

EngAge addresses Technical skills, Soft skills & provides an expansive learning environment through Industry Interactions

Choose how you EngAge by joining the base program or by adding a specialization

Who Should Join?

  •   Engineering College/University with NAAC Accreditation
  •   Colleges with specialization in Mechanical/Automobile/
    /Electrical Engineering

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