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Empowering Dream Technology System Customers

Better Training. Better Designs. Better Products.

i GET IT has partnered with Dream Technology Systems to provide online training for the leading manufacturing CAD and PLM applications. Members can benefit from the most comprehensive library and advanced learning management solution.

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What training needs do you have?

i GET IT has identified some of the most common use cases for customers to deploy our training. Customers needing to ramp up new employees on the latest versions of their preferred CAD/PLM applications, upgrading to the latest version of your CAD/PLM applications, customizing our materials or publishing their own courses, and/or running skills gap anlaysis assessments to find weaknesses in your teams. i GET IT can help!

New Users

Bring users up to speed with our popular "New User Express" courses, our most popular series of training.


Moving to a new version of your CAD/PLM applications? We specialize in transition training.


Fully customize our materials specific to your needs. We also offer services to help!

Skills Gap

Learn how our tools can be used to run a skills gap analysis to find your team's training needs.

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Challenge Your CAD Skills

Are you up to speed on the most current design and manufacturing skills? Take our i GET IT Skills Gap Challenge to find out how well you know your stuff.

“We dropped NX Cast over two years ago to go with i GET IT and have never looked back. i GET IT has excellent features and functions and is extremely useful for new employees who take new user classes, as well as employees who need the most updated information on new versions of the software. My largest use for i GET IT is as a reference tool, when I have questions or need clarification; I find the answer in i GET IT."
Paul Phillips, Senior Engineer, Kennametal