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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select an Authoring Profile?

There are a few different options available while signing up as an i GET IT author.

Contract Author

Authors would receive a lump sum payment that is mutually agreed upon for the creation of the course material. The payment would be based on the length of course, type of course, and level of topic. The payments will be spread over milestones during the course authoring process.

Royalty-Based Author

Authors would be paid a smaller up-front payment for creating the course but earn additional funds for the amount a course is used by the i GET IT community. The royalty is based on a formula that compares the amount your course is used against the total amount of i GET IT's subscriber usage.


We have created a rather large library of courses over the 14-years i GET IT has been around, so updating our courses for each new application release is a monumental task. A greay way to tip-toe into course authoring and still earn some extra cash is to join our network of authors to help update existing materials. Using our existing templates in our online authoring tools, you can update information to reflect the new features and appearance, including updated screen shots, video lessons, and enhancements to projects. Payments are provided by a contract that reflects the amount of time and effort is required to update the courses.

2. Get Set-Up as an Author

After you have decided on how you would like to contribute, fill out the form above and submit your information. Our content teams will get in touch with you and discuss how you can help build courses to sell in i GET IT. Be sure to include as much details as possible such as:

  • Include what level of experience you have in engineering applications and/or skills.
  • Include any course ideas that you may want to create.
  • Any other bits of information or questions you may have.

3. Get to Work!

Once you are set-up, lets get to work! Our content team will work you on setting a schedule, making sure you have the right tools to author and cover our content standards and best practices.

4. Submit the Course

Throughout the authoring process, you will work closely with our content team with periodic check-in's to verify the course is on the right path. Once you are done, the course will be quality checked and then made available to subscribers. Final contractual payments and/or arrangements for royalities will be completed.

Contact us by email at iproducts@tatatechnologies.com