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Affiliate Partner Program

Program Description

Becoming a i GET IT Affiliate Partner is the simplest way to partner with i GET IT to earn rewards for sharing the value of i GET IT. Simply identify potential i GET IT customers, communicate the value provided and begin to receive money for your efforts. It’s quick, easy and lucrative. Start leveraging i GET IT's industry leading online training solution for engineers today.

Affiliate Partner Benefits

  •   Leverage your existing business relationships to add customer value and earn money.
  •   Receive 20% of the packaged price of each referred sale for the first year with no caps.
  •   Offer extending value to your user or follower community.
  •   Know that your customer contacts will be supported by market-leading online training from experts with unsurpassed support.
  •   Refer one customer opportunity or hundreds. Our flexible program lets you earn money at your convenience.
  •   Receive support from our Affiliate Program manager to help you succeed.

How It Works

Signup and become an affiliate partner
Add one or several of our provided display ad images to your website or blog
Share i GET IT to your community using your provided link
Receive 20% of the sales for the first year for activity you generate paid through PayPal