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Solid Edge v20 User Interface

The Solid Edge v20 User Interface course is a one-day course designed to get you up and running in Solid Edge. You will also learn how to perform basic functions such as creating, opening, and saving files. Navigate Solid Edge Help by searching for topics with several methods, Contents tab, Index tab, Find tab, Glossary tab and Command Finder. Increase your productivity by comprehending the Solid Edge Window Layout, keyboard shortcuts, customize toolbars, the Ribbon Bar and the tabs in EdgeBar (Feature Pathfinder, Feature Library, Family of Parts, Layers, Sensors, Feature Playback, Engineering Reference). Learn the functions of the QuickPick feature that quickly selects from many items that may be overlapping. Manipulate the model for better viewing with viewing commands including zooming, panning, rotating and shading the model. Vary the view display with shading, wireframe views, view clipping, and other options (Show Face, Rotate 90-Degrees, Show Isometric, Flip Over, Rotate Left 180 (or Right) Degrees ) for easier modeling. Upon completion of this course, you should have a basic understanding of how to navigate around Solid Edge.


Intended Audience:
New Solid Edge Users

Course Duration:
Not Available

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Table of Contents