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CATIA V5 Designing Injection Molded Parts

Cadpo offers a Designing Injection Molded Parts course to provide learning focused on the basics of creating plastic injection molded parts. You discover the importance of uniform walls, draft angles, and shaping the part for good material flow. But this course is not just about being able to design a part. Students learn to use the best CATIA features for the plastic part process in ways that apply the necessary design principles. These principles are critical in meeting the challenges of production speed and economics. Numerous in-class projects give you experience of creating real plastic parts using functions common to plastic mold design, such as snaps, ribs, bosses, and cores. The class begins by teaching you to build basic parts like hand-held electronics. By the end of the class, you are learning to style parts using basic surfaces for more unique designs such as a vacuum cleaner or a computer-housing unit.

No previous CATIA experience necessary.

Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers or Manufacturing Engineers new to CATIA who need to understand how to create basic plastic injection molded parts.

Course Duration:
Not Available hours

Skill Level:

Table of Contents