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CATIA V6 Learning Paths

Choose from learning paths that will guide users from any skills level, including new users and specialized topics from industry examples.

Training Per Release:

15 Unique Course Topics
200 Self-Paced Hours
580 Exercises & Projects

Aerospace Engineer Role

Overview: An overview of the Aerospace Engineering field from a design perspective. Focus includes key Aviation Industry concepts such as basic aircraft components and structure, aviati more...on industry design and manufacturing processes, and industry rules and regulation. This course will introduce new Designers to the field of Aerospace Engineering and reinforce CATIA V5 skills and understanding by applying them to aerospace parts and assemblies.
Duration: 8 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: This is a conceptual introduction to GD&T. By the end of the course you will know GD&T symbols, be able to read and understand basic GD&T call outs, and explain why and when G more...D&T is used.
Duration: 7 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: In this course you will learn how to read and understand the elements that make up the standard system components of engineering drawings or prints. These components that make more... up drawings provide important information that required in conveying part and assembly information to mold and tool makers as well as to machinists and all other engineers in the industry. You will be able to identify and interpret title block information, line types and their uses, understand and convey orthographic projections, and the types of tolerances placed on drawings. This course is highly recommended before taking any CAD software drafting courses within i Get It.
Duration: 2 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: This course by Tata Technologies i GET IT teaches the fundamentals of design thinking principles. After completing the Design Thinking course, you will be able to frame your p more...roblems, gather inspiration to find solutions to your problems, prototype ideas and successfully communicate your results to others. During the course, you will be provided worksheets to practice with challenge exercises and assignments. This course should take you approximately four-hours of your own time to complete.
Duration: 4 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: This course provides a “lightweight” framework of project management techniques that help ensure success for business tasks that require some management oversight, but are too more... small for traditional project management overhead. These projects are often completed in a couple weeks’ time by a small team, working on them part time.
Duration: 2 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as rapid prototyping, is a fast-growing manufacturing process that enables quick manufacturing of complex parts at a minimal cost. Howev, there can also be a great deal of confusion regarding the process's capabilities and uses. This course is designed to help you to better understand Additive Manufacturing and it's processes. You will learn about current 3D printing techniques, the capabilities and limitations of the technology, and a brief history of rapid prototyping.
Duration: 1 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: You’ll begin this course by learning what 3D Printing, aka Additive Manufacturing, is, the different printing technologies available today, as well as several printer types an more...d applications. The course continues with a focus on FDM printing, detailing design considerations, techniques for print optimization, and how to translate your designs to 3D printable formats. You'll finish by completing a Workshop simulating a typical workflow for a typical 3D printed design.
Duration: 2 hrs. Skill level: Intermediate