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Siemens PLM NX Learning Paths

Choose from learning paths that will guide users from any skills level, including new users and specialized topics from industry examples.

Training Per Release:

25 Unique Course Topics
340 Self-Paced Hours
1,495 Exercises & Projects

NX Essentials Learning Path

Overview: This course provides you with the essentials every new NX user needs to get started with NX. Whether you intend to use NX for design, drafting, manufacturing, or just to view more...models, this course introduces the key elements of the interface including the Ribbon Bar and Resource Bar. You will also learn how to define a role in order to optimize the interface.
Duration: 3 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: This course teaches you how to create and work with part files in NX. This includes tools to create new parts, open existing parts, or translate data from other CAD models. Yo more...u will learn several basic operations such as the best ways to display, select and manage objects as well as how to use indispensable tools such as the Work Coordinate System and Constructor dialogs. You will be introduced to the concept of feature-based solid modeling and will learn about primitives, boolean operations, datum features and expressions. This course is designed to teach you the basics of NX that will become second nature as you develop your NX skills.
Duration: 14 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: From initial concept to final revision, increase your design proficiency by making the most of the advanced design capabilities of NX Sketcher features. Use expression-based s more...mart curves to add more control and flexibility to your solid models. Use parametric curve creation to give you the most control of your sections. Learn how to think ahead when modeling and consider downstream users to speed up future revisions changes. Challenging exercises and projects allow you to explore sketch creation and constraint as you gain experience.
Duration: 10 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: The NX Basic Modeling course teaches you how to efficiently create and edit feature-based solid designs using parametric modeling practices. You will learn how to create assoc more...iative curves and key design features, ranging from sweeping features like Extrude and Revolve. You learn how to detail a model by adding draft, blends and chamfers, and to perform operations like creating a shell and trimming or thickening a body. Finally, you learn how to copy features to create patterns, edit features and display important information about the model.
Duration: 24 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: The NX Basic Assemblies course is intended to teach you how to build and maintain assemblies. The course starts with basic assembly topics (terminology, structure, preferences more..., the Assemblies application, the Assembly Navigator, and reference sets). You’ll learn when to use the bottom-up assembly method, and when to use the top-down method. Upon completion of this course, you`ll be equipped to work with assemblies in NX.
Duration: 14 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: The Basic Drafting course is designed to help you effectively communicate your design intent. This course begins by focusing on the drafting essentials: drawing creation, edit drawings, borders, drawing views, section views, section lines, and image insertion. Separate units will also focus on dimensions (dimension types, dimension creation, dimension associativity); ordinates (terminology, ordinate creation, ordinate editing); and annotations (annotation editor, annotation creation, appended text). After your training, you’ll be able to put your new drafting knowledge to the test by completing our Drafting Workshop projects.
Duration: 17 hrs. Skill level: Basic