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Siemens PLM NX Learning Paths

Choose from learning paths that will guide users from any skills level, including new users and specialized topics from industry examples.

Training Per Release:

25 Unique Course Topics
340 Self-Paced Hours
1,495 Exercises & Projects

Advanced User Express for NX

Building from the knowledge you learned in our Essentials Learning Path, the Advanced User Express Learning Path will guide you through advanced topics and techniques in NX 12 to build an even better engineer out of you.

Overview: This course provides you with some more advanced Gateway operations that help you become more proficient with using NX. This includes creating palettes on the Resource Bar, te more...mplates for creating parts, managing properties, defining layouts, recording journals or macros for repeatable operations and defining preferences for optimization.
Duration: 6 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: From initial concept to final revision, increase your design proficiency by making the most of the advanced design capabilities of NX Sketcher features. Use expression-based s more...mart curves to add more control and flexibility to your solid models. Use parametric curve creation to give you the most control of your sections. Learn how to think ahead when modeling and consider downstream users to speed up future revisions changes. Challenging exercises and projects allow you to explore sketch creation and constraint as you gain experience.
Duration: 11 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: The NX Advanced Modeling course is the next step for users who have completed the Basic Modeling course. This course covers modeling topics such as advanced curves, conics, ge more...neral pad and pocket. You will learn how to copy and paste features, create user-defined features, create part families and translate data to or from other CAD systems. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools you need to strengthen your design capabilities.
Duration: 25 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: Freeform Modeling course is intended to teach you how to enhance your designs using free form features and curves. The units in this course cover the following topics: spline more...creation and editing; advanced curves; conics; surface creation using strings, points, bodies, and global shaping; offset surface operations; section surfaces; feature operations for sheets; face blends and soft blends; unparametric sheet bodies; and face and body analysis. There is also a unit that covers free form best practices. You’ll even have the opportunity to put your new knowledge to the test by designing an impeller blade and an aircraft door in the Freeform Feature Projects unit.
Duration: 33 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: When CAD geometry is imported into NX from other systems, it typically consists of non- parametric bodies. There are various philosophies regarding how subsequent modification more...s are to be made. The geometry can be 'converted' to parametric data by recreating the part features, using the imported body as a reference, but this is very time- consuming and is not much different than designing from scratch. An alternative method is to use Synchronous Modeling tools, The commands in this application allow organized design modifications to be made to non- parametric bodies (or even to parametric data, if necessary). Faces can be moved, deleted, offset, re-blended, etc., and adjacent body faces react to those changes. If History Mode is active, these operations are chronologically added to the Part Navigator, and can be subsequently edited, If History-Free mode is active, the Synchronous Modeling commands still have the same functionality, but are not 'recorded' in the Navigator (and thus cannot be edited). This course covers the creation and editing of Synchronous Modeling features to modify existing solid models, both parametric and non- parametric. The course provides a good understanding of how and when to apply Synchronous Modeling to existing CAD data.
Duration: 10 hrs. Skill level: Basic

Overview: The Advanced Assemblies course is designed to help you build and maintain large assemblies. The course continues your education with more advanced practices within Assemblies more...and contains many different topics that can be utilized across many industry needs. Such topics include; Versioning, Cloning, Introduction to Skeleton Modeling, Interpart Expressions, Assembly Sequencing, Explosions and Component Fit and Weight.
Duration: 14 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: Working with Large Assemblies course is intended to teach you how to efficiently work with large assemblies. This course starts how to represent complex components with lightw more...eight representations and product outlines. You’ll learn how to open specific components using various methods in order to avoid waiting for unnecessary components to load. You’ll also learn to organize components in to groups or zones. Finally, you’ll learn to set preferences that improve performance. You`ll even find a unit devoted entirely to practicing what you`ve learned through specially-developed projects. Upon completion of this course, you`ll be equipped to work with large assemblies in NX.
Duration: 7 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: WAVE provides the ability to create, understand and manage inter-part geometric relationships between components and assemblies, simplifying the process of relating parts insi an assembly to one another. There are times, however, when this potentially powerful tool should be used with careful consideration or not at all. Our WAVE course gives you the knowledge to make appropriate decisions.
Duration: 19 hrs. Skill level: Advanced

Overview: The Advanced Drafting course is designed to help you become proficient with advanced techniques in creating drawings. This includes creating custom symbols, inserting tabular more...notes, title blocks and parts list, and learning tools useful for assembly drawings. You also learn how to apply a drafting standard to the customer defaults and use Drafting Preferences.
Duration: 12 hrs. Skill level: Advanced