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AutoCAD Learning Paths

Choose from learning paths that will guide users from any skills level, including new users and specialized topics from industry examples.

Training Per Release:

8 Unique Course Topics
70 Self-Paced Hours
450 Exercises & Projects

AutoCAD Essentials Learning Path

This learning path will guide users through a series of courses designed to make you a professional AutoCAD user. The learning path is broken into small chunks so it is easier to manage your progress as you complete each course. As part of Tata Technologies, this learning path is used to guide our in-class teaching and even prepare learners for the AutoCAD certifications.

Overview: The AutoCAD 2021 New User Essentials online training course will teach new users on how to effectively get started with AutoCAD 2021. After completing this course, you will b more...e able to navigate the interface and perform basic commands, create basic drawings, manipulate objects, organize drawings and inquiry commands, alter objects, work with layouts, annotate drawings, work with dimensioning, hatching objects, work with reusable content, create additional drawings objects, plot your drawings, and create drawing templates. This course is also good for experienced users to freshen up on their AutoCAD skills plus used in our Tata Technologies classroom sessions and used to prepare students for the AutoCAD certifications.
Duration: 40 hrs. Skill level: Basic