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Electric Vehicle technology future predictions you need to read about today.

We never realized when the pickup speed from 0 to 100kmph in around 6.8 seconds became the ultimate heartthrob. Gone are the days when fueled vehicles zoomed the roads. The very purr of our favorite EVs gives us the satisfaction we need.

Ev's, or Electric Vehicles, operates on an electric motor as compared to its fuel counterpart. With rising costs, pollution, and a declining availability of resources, the last decade was a boost for EVs. The reduction in the carbon footprint and other such environmental impacts drive the impact further. While every product goes through the 'S' Curve once they enter the market, the curve of the EVs has been prominent ever since its inception. The former Top Gear presenter and used car dealer Quentin Willson should know. He's been driving electric vehicles for over a decade and quoted, "It is supremely comfortable, it's airy, it's bright. It's just a complete joy. And I would unequivocally say to you now that I would never ever go back."

Electric Vehicles in India

In India, the first concrete decision to incentivize electric vehicles was in 2010. According to a Rs 95-crore scheme approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the government announced a financial incentive for manufacturers of electric vehicles sold in India. In 2013, India unveiled the 'National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020' to shift to electric vehicles and address the issues of national energy security, vehicular pollution, and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities.

While the pandemic saw an economic slowdown, innovation played a role, establishing the ever-growing arc towards switching to EVs, especially in the regional markets of the globe. There are multiple sayings across the EV markets with predictions and the ones that have come true. EV Technology has a fair set of predictions if and when they come true and are bound to change the automotive industry for the better. Below are some of the predictions you must read about today to keep you under the influence of the Electric Vehicle Mega Shift

EVs are projected to make 31% of the global Fleet by 2050

With the growing rate of depletion of natural resources and a hike in pollution, population, and Carbon footprint, EVs will eventually become a top choice for transportation. Not only will it bring down the overall carbon footprint of the area, but also be highly convenient.

Ev's will become vastly affordable and available.

With the rising cost of gas and fuels in the market for cars, EVs will come along with comparatively cheaper sources of recharging. Not only that, as the global warming and over-exploitation of resources will increase, so will the availability of these fueling resources. Only making the cars more and more inconvenient.

EVs are bound to be cost effective, have lower maintenance, and have financial incentives.

As the availability and affordability increases, the cost of EVs will fall and will be easily accessible to people of all economic strata. This further lead to comparatively lesser maintenance costs and overall expense behind the vehicle, making electric vehicles the ultimate choice for individuals. While leasing or buying an EV will give you an advantage with tax savings, only making EVs a much more reliable choice to make.

Charging will become as easy as charging your cell phone.

As of the current moment, tesla chargers can only charge a tesla car. There is no specific universality to chargers. It will make it exceptionally difficult to charge your EVs. The future of charging EVs works towards making a universal charger that would support a charge anywhere and everywhere. The charging ports will be available in every nook and corner of your region, helping one long journey easy and intracity travel easy even if you forget to charge your vehicle.

Better Driving Experience

Who does not prefer an unlimited drive across the state? But driving long distances comes with fatigue taking over the body. With EVs, there are no gears, lesser noise, and a smooth ride to glide through the roads, where you get to enjoy and steer through, and you come back home refreshed.

Outsourcing will be the key to remain competitive

Outsourcing charging parts is limited due to the demand. The market is very fragmented, and for the single EV charging hardware supplier, it is difficult to reach a critical mass with competitive material costs and a sophisticated manufacturing solution with the right balance between flexibility and automation. Hence, the right service partner can help, by applying cost-competitive and scalable solutions based on solid manufacturing expert knowledge, but unfortunately, in this still-emerging market, many players are hesitant to outsource.

To conclude

The purr of your engine gives you a feeling like no other. It is time to experience the same, but without an engine, being more environmentally friendly, saving up on taxes, lower maintenance, and much more is a deal one grabs and holds onto. We help you pick the right car that fits you the way you want. We are a global product engineering and digital services company and are focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build, and farm. Furthermore, we do this by enabling global OEMs and their ecosystem of partners across the automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace, and adjacent verticals to engineer, manufacture, and realize better products, as well as help them drive efficiencies in their businesses. Helping our customers develop products that are safe, sustainable, and better for the end customer, the environment, and society at large.

Tata Technologies Limited (TTL) is a global product engineering and digital services company focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build, and farm by enabling global OEMs and their ecosystem of partners across the automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace, and adjacent verticals engineer, manufacture, and realize better products, as well as help them drive efficiencies in their businesses. We have over 25 years of engineering experience in industrial and mechanical design software, electrical mobility, ADAS, PLM, Cybersecurity, etc. We are a global team that enables our client’s and their engineers to dynamically prepare for the future of Electric vehicle technology.

We are building best-in-class ACES (Automated, connected, electric and shared) courses with the best industry experts and some of the largest manufacturers around the world in order to produce the doyens of the all-electric future.

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